Friday Fun Fellowship

Because Spring is in the air! And because at our brainstorming, last month, you asked for information about Native Kansas Plants we can grow in our yards… we have great news!

The April 8 Friday Fun Fellowship will feature Katilyn Ammerlaan, Program Director and Preserve Manager from the Grassland Heritage Foundation.  Katilyn will lead a presentation and discussion about native Kansas plants, and how you can incorporate them into your own life!

Join us at the Community Room of the Eudora Rec Center from 1-3!
Enjoy your friends, make new friends, and reconnect with old!
Field with wild flowers

Grassland Heritage Foundation preserves prairies in Kansas.

www.GRASSLANDHERITAGE.ORG  Grassland Heritage Foundation
Prairie arose in the rain shadow of the Rocky Mountains, and once covered 400 million acres over the center of the U.S. from Saskatchewan to Texas. Prairies are diverse communities dominated by grasses and wildflowers.

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